These are three of four mighty archangels – I have yet to paint the fourth – Archangel Uriel, which I have dedicated to my very loved and departed friend, Muriel.  The three painted Gabriel, Michael and Raphael were on display in the Open Exhibition at Greenfield Arts until April 20th.  I sold my Archangel Gabriel painting, which seemed to be the favourite from the three.

I used acrylic paint on canvas and other media, therefore classed as mixed media for each of the paintings, though they are all very different.  I visualised the archangels as semi-abstract; most important were the colours I used for each archangel and I enhanced the colour by texturising under or over the paint and using metallics, card, etc.

GABRIEL – a water element was important here, connected to the moon/tides, intuition and inspiration – so I used aquamarine, turquoise and blues.  She is holding a silver/white chalice to represent the divine.   I aimed for a feeling of deep peace when I created the heavenly Gabriel.

RAPHAEL – an air element was an important factor, as was the feeling of movement and light.  As Raphael is the archangel of healing par excellence I used the yellow/golds with the serenity of green.  The movement was the flow of energy and light around him in a spiral effect.  As I painted Raphael he became an androgynous being of beauty – the golden one.

MICHAEL –  a fire element – dynamic and powerful was the feeling I wanted to portray with Michael.  He is seen as the great protector, yet he represents humour and boundless love.  His energy literally bursts forth from the heart – and  when he was almost complete I knew he was incomplete.  He needed a crown – he then became the majestic power of love that is Michael.

I have yet to paint Uriel but I do know that indigo will be a main colour and there will be a rainbow element somewhere in the painting.  How will it manifest?  Somehow they create themselves and I am just a vehicle!