These prints I call rose mandala prints; each rose’s mandala shape is defined by the shape and fold of the petals. There is a heart in the centre of each rose – signifying that a rose is the queen of flowers.  I used top quality water-colour pencils to create my rose mandalas and for me, creating each one became a sort of meditation.

They are available as unmounted fine art prints i.e. ciglee prints – pigment printed on German fine art paper, colourfast and UV resistant.  Each print is cellophane wrapped, with backing and certification included.  Overall size – 9 x 9″ including small white border.

  • Allow two weeks for delivery of print in the UK
  • Price – £15.00

The rose mandala prints are NOT available mounted for the simple reason that the paler ones need a double mount with a coloured inset mount to enhance their image.  Choosing a colour for the inset mount, I feel is best left to the customer!  The more intense coloured rose mandala images are fine with an off white mount.