Paper Collage

New paper collage artwork soon to be added to my website – I am really enjoying this “new to me” form of art, which is truly absorbing. It is interesting sourcing the vintage papers, or just suitable papers to use for these works. Lots of fun to create. Once they are added to the website, prints will be available for all paper collage images.

A BIGGIE – I will be updating this website in November, new paintings as well as the paper collage artworks will be available, in print form.

Collage Art

  1. I have been busy learning a new skill – collage art – finding it very asbsorbing and interesting.  Will post some of my art on here very soon.
  2. About to start some charcoal sketches using the top quality Nitram products – very excited
  3. Also about to paint something new and more abstract




Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is one of three archangel paintings on display in Greenfield Arts Gallery, Newton Aycliffe until 20th April 2018.  See the Archangel Gallery for the other two archangel paintings and there is another to follow – Archangel Uriel.  These are the four mighty archangels so I have to paint the last one.

Archangel Gabriel I have painted as being feminine, she sends peace and healing, she is the giver of vision and connects to the waters of life – this is why there is a flowing motion in the painting.  I had an image in my mind and once I started painting they somehow painted themselves if this is possible.

Prints and greetings card should be available sometime in May.

Turkish paintings added to gallery

Today I added six Turkish paintings to my Turkish gallery – 5 originals are still available and ciglee prints in two sizes of the six added paintings are available.  New Turkish paintings will be available in the Spring – April or May …….

Drawings of the day

Recovering from a mild lung infection (still painful!), but have managed to create some drawings over the weekend:

The sheep pic was funny because I had climbed a hill and just about to eat a sandwich when two sheep appeared from nowhere – this one almost sat in my lap and I had to move!  The landscape is above Weardale, can’t remember the name of the place  – it was looking stormy and was quite breezy.  All these images are quick drawings.  Had to include a cat of course!

Drawing of the day –

Having been ill recently, I have not uploaded drawings every day – here goes for 17/1/18:  A drawing of a man’s face using graphite, charcoal and white pastel pencil.  All my drawings are quick sketches unless otherwise stated.

Drawing of the day 4/1/2018

This is a brown pastel pencil sketch of a girl in a cafe, it was somewhat distracting as there seemed to be a lady with a trolley bearing dishes going to and fro behind me the whole time and people milling about on tables next to ours.  However I think it was a good exercise for those very reasons!  Positivity rules.

New year – new art

I always feel excited when the new year approaches and this year is no exception – I am setting myself a challenge of one drawing per day, which could be a pencil drawing, charcoal, ink marker – any medium for the day’s task, which will be uploaded onto my Facebook and Instagram pages too.  I draw and doodle all the time – sometimes these doodles open the way for an unexpected piece of poetry or artwork but this challenge is about being disciplined enough to create a decent drawing each day.  TODAY’S DRAWING OF A DOG – 2/1/2018:  GRAPHITE WITH A TOUCH OF WHITE PASTEL PENCIL






From 29 November – 20 December 2017 – “Of Bears and Ballerinas” – my wooden sculptural steampunk bears and ballerina cats will be on display in the glass cabinet displays.  The bears and cats, though “toylike”, are not toys – they are one-of-a-kind art objects.  I describe them as whimsical, colourful and contemporary.  Each named steampunk bear is different in character; embellished with clock parts, metal, leather, etc and hand-painted.  Each named ballerina cat is also different in character, their faces and eyes are different, they too are embellished and hand-painted.  See images below – apologies for the quality of pics.