I am a self-taught artist living in the North East of England – I cannot remember a time when I have not drawn or painted and distinctly remember painting faces in the flowers of my bedroom wallpaper as a child.  Mother was not best pleased!

Most of my landscapes have been created using soft or oil pastels – my cat art/rose art created using watercolour pencils – my folklore inspired art is mixed media.  My ways of creating art are evolving and I will use a variety of  mediums to create what I have imagined – it all excites me.

Walking the land continues to be a major part of my art – making sketches, taking notes and photos to be used later for paintings.  I am inspired by the Northern countryside/coast but I find beauty everywhere I walk or visit.  Another passion is the Turquoise Coast area of Turkey – I have spent some time here walking the Lycian Way, a long distance walk created by an English woman, Kate Clow.  The ancient Lycians aptly named it the “land of light” and it is beautiful in all seasons.  Nature is our greatest inspiration – my motto is “Nature is my inspiration, my guide and my connection”.

  • Cat art – a lighter side to my art – I have a serious cat painting obsession for which there is no cure!

  • Folkore inspired art – I feel this is my self-indulgent side – romantic folklore, fairy tales, myths and legends.

  • Rose art – I call these my rose mandalas –  focused on the heart of the rose flower and how its petals form a mandala.

Thank you for visiting my website – I hope you enjoy my gallery.