Drawings of the day

Recovering from a mild lung infection (still painful!), but have managed to create some drawings over the weekend:

The sheep pic was funny because I had climbed a hill and just about to eat a sandwich when two sheep appeared from nowhere – this one almost sat in my lap and I had to move!  The landscape is above Weardale, can’t remember the name of the place  – it was looking stormy and was quite breezy.  All these images are quick drawings.  Had to include a cat of course!

Drawing of the day –

Having been ill recently, I have not uploaded drawings every day – here goes for 17/1/18:  A drawing of a man’s face using graphite, charcoal and white pastel pencil.  All my drawings are quick sketches unless otherwise stated.

Drawing of the day 4/1/2018

This is a brown pastel pencil sketch of a girl in a cafe, it was somewhat distracting as there seemed to be a lady with a trolley bearing dishes going to and fro behind me the whole time and people milling about on tables next to ours.  However I think it was a good exercise for those very reasons!  Positivity rules.

New year – new art

I always feel excited when the new year approaches and this year is no exception – I am setting myself a challenge of one drawing per day, which could be a pencil drawing, charcoal, ink marker – any medium for the day’s task, which will be uploaded onto my Facebook and Instagram pages too.  I draw and doodle all the time – sometimes these doodles open the way for an unexpected piece of poetry or artwork but this challenge is about being disciplined enough to create a decent drawing each day.  TODAY’S DRAWING OF A DOG – 2/1/2018:  GRAPHITE WITH A TOUCH OF WHITE PASTEL PENCIL